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Tynan & Lydia Barnes: Missionaries
Central Mexico

Welcome to The King’s Harvest. A gathering place were we can share with you our friends and family, our passion to teach the Gospel and establish the Kingdom of God. Plus you can come with us on the traveling adventures that await us as we eat, sleep, play, and minister in Central Mexico.



Expanding the Kingdom

A Training Center

A bigger than we could ever imagine vision entrusted to us by the Lord. We stand ready to expand the Kingdom of God with a purpose that roots itself within the heart of the community, a purpose that encourages the spirit of discipleship among Spanish speaking peoples and propels them forth as missionaries, both across regions and continents.

Join us as we sow the seeds of faith, as we raise a network of people and pastors to meet the current and the next generation’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs throughout the region of San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

  • Training Center $600,000 1% 1%

Help Us Grow

Spread the word of our work to those whose hearts are knit to yours.

Join Us

We can always use an extra pair of hands even if for a day or a week.


God’s ears are never turned away from His children.  Remember us when you’re in His presence.


February 2024 Fund Progress

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