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Tynan & Lydia Barnes: Missionaries
Central Mexico

Welcome to The King’s Harvest. A gathering place were we can share with you our friends and family, the traveling adventures that await us as we live and do ministry in Central Mexico.


Our Exciting Journey To Date…

Our Current Project

A Training Center

Welcome to The King’s Harvest Training Center – a bigger than we could ever imagine vision entrusted to us by the Lord. We stand as witnesses to a purpose that roots itself within the heart of the community, a purpose that cherishes the spirit of discipleship among Mexicans and propels them forth as missionaries, both across regions and continents.


This part of the country (red circle) has been identified by missiologists as “The Circle of Silence”, being named such because less than 2% have identified themselves as evangelical believers! The influence of the Gospel has been largely silent here.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has not seriously or sufficiently penetrated this area of the country and many are much more engulfed in Catholic tradition than in other parts of Mexico. There are still many people who haven’t heard the good news of the Bible nor have been challenged to live as disciples of Christ.

Join us as we sow the seeds of faith, as we raise a generation of missionaries, and as we carve a path for Mexican voices to echo the Lord’s love to the farthest reaches of the earth. 

  • Training Center $600,000 1% 1%

Stories from the field & Updates

Words In Due Season

August Newsletter 2023

August Newsletter 2023

Missionary life in Central Mexico is back in full swing. We received many hugs and many “Qué milagro!” (What a miracle!) greetings as we returned to our regular discipleship groups. We were able to bring back some…

July Newsletter 2023

July Newsletter 2023

We had a fun 4th of July. Having raised the younger children in Mexico, they didn’t remember much of the big
booming fireworks. So it was an amazing time, as they watched the fireworks light up the sky. There was lots of screaming, many shouts of…

June Newsletter 2023

June Newsletter 2023

Our state side travels this summer continue to be fruitful. We had a wonderful time enjoying visiting family in Indiana and Missouri. Mid-May we traveled to Pensacola to attend the 50th Anniversary of Globe Intl…

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Together we will impact Central Mexico!

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