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Helping Others to Mobilize and Engage

Project H.O.M.E

$1,000 raised of $300,000

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What a great day The Lord has given us. Nothing engages the soul like a vision to expand and grow God’s kingdom with the grace that He has given us. So today, we are launching our most ambitious vision to date, called Project H.O.M.E. (Helping Others Mobilize and Engage). Project H.O.M.E. is a vision from The Lord to disciple Mexicans and send them out as missionaries to the region because no one is better equipped to win Mexico to the Lord than Mexicans.

To fulfill this vision, we needed property to become the central headquarters/training center to train and equip Mexicans who are called of The Lord. We also needed a place to store supplies and provide housing to missionaries coming into and leaving Mexico.

In March of 2022, we leased a fantastic property giving us exactly what we needed to fulfill this vision. Furthermore, the owner of the property has given us two years to raise $300,000 to purchase the property outright, and even what we pay in our lease will go towards the purchase. So, not a single penny will be wasted!

The property is built in the Antique Mexican style with large rocks and solid wood beams throughout. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2  baths, three balconies, large dining area, a large backyard, and a lot of space to conduct training. At the moment, we are equipped to host at least 18-20 people at one time. This house/property was built to last generations, and we will ensure that it lasts as long as the Lord tarries.

No one is better equipped to win Mexico to the Lord than Mexicans.



We need to raise $300,000 in two years to complete the purchase of this property.  We also need the wisdom of The Lord on how to establish our training program to effectively equip those who have accepted God’s call on their lives in Mexico. 


Phase 1: Raise funds for Project H.O.M.E - $300,000 US Dollars


Phase 2: After purchase, future upgrades to add a Gate and Fencing in front of property, more kitchen cabinets installed, Solar-Paneled Pergola to convert upper balcony into a Prayer Garden, and Reno Upstairs Bathroom x 2 = $100,000 US Dollars

Project Update: July 2022

We have officially launched our fundraising program for Project H.O.M.E.  Globe International will hold the funds in an escrow account until we have raised the full amount.  The property will be owned by Globe International as part of their international missionary outreach program.