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Expanding the Kingdom

The King’s Harvest Training Center

Six states within Central Mexico have been identified by missiologists as The Circle of Silence.”

Due to the influence of Catholicism in this region over the centuries, many Mexicans are unaware of the full power of the Gospel to set them free. Within this area less than 1% – 3% have identified themselves as born-again believers.

We feel it is now Mexico’s turn to grasp a hold of being responsible for their part in the Great Commission.

​We are currently working strategically within the state of San Luis Potosí to bring evangelism and disciple making movements to Mexico and with the Lord’s guidance to see this area become,The Circle of Proclamation.”

To realize this grand vision, our vision is to purchase a move-in ready property, a haven that will serve as our central headquarters and a training center. This property, will be used for:

EMBRACE: Safe mission housing/apartments for hosting traveling missionaries. Many make long drives to the US/MX border and need access to a central safe place to rest. 

EQUIP: Train Spanish speaking people to disciple and evangelize utilizing simple church discipleship groups  within their communities while making an impact for the next generation’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

ENGAGE: Network with local pastors to engage people locally and regionally using Disciple Making Movement strategies that boost evangelism efforts.

EXPAND: Use the training center as a vehicle to expand the Kingdom of God through Evangelistic Trainings, Retreat Center, and establish a secondary central training hub for Misión Global, a mission agency here in Mexico.

$1,954 raised of $600,000

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The Property Features

This antique Mexican-style property valued at $1.2 million dollars is on the market for just over $600,000 US dollars including taxes. There are 14 ft walls and a wired fence security system in place for security. The entire land area spans three lots.

The main house has space for two car parking, a side area for basketball or additional parking, the right side of the house on the main level has 3 bedrooms with built-in closets plus full-size en-suite bathrooms, a room with front facing windows for a library/office area plus a guest bathroom, a generous living room space with large windows, a spacious dining area that leads to a kitchen with a state of the art cooktop, island, large fridge, and a large separate pantry, all with direct access to the garden area.

Upstairs on the 2nd floor of the house, there are two “school/chapel” rooms where we can accommodate up to 20-50 individuals, ensuring ample space for training local pastors and growth with a joined bathroom and a separate master bedroom with walk-in closets and a large bathroom.

On the left side of the house beside the garage, there are service quarters, with a utility room, two small bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an upstairs space for storage or a 3rd bedroom. This side of the house would need some updates to make it livable. Below the service area is a large unfinished basement which could be turned into living quarters for us and use the rest of the house as a missions base/training center.

More Property Features

Also on the property, is a one of a kind detached squash court, steam sauna, and shower plus 1/2 bath. Some other special features such as a swimming pool and a covered grill area.

This particular property has not been lived in for several years, the photos shown do not represent the current state of the home. Much of the grass is non-existent and the pool is not filled. Part of our budget will include the cost of redoing some of the flooring inside  the front door foyer that has water damage and outside repairs to the plaster. We also dream of taking the entire property off-grid with solar power and adding roof tiles for better insulation.

Should we run out of space with the current set-up, there is room on the property for more construction of apartments or a large shaded meeting area. With such an expansive property like this to be used for the Kingdom of God, not one square inch will be wasted space. Won’t you join us in making this vision a reality?

The Challenge

As we embark on our mission, we encounter a financial challenge that calls for unity and faith and we need your help. The original asking price last year in 2022 was around $1.2 million. Through a lot of prayer and seeking the Lord, this year we were offered the property for half of the asking price at just over $600,000. We believe the opportunity to own this property holds an immense potential for growth and impact, but its acquisition requires us to believe in regards to funding.

We eat, sleep, play, preach, and raise our children in Central Mexico. We have claimed this region for the Gospel of Christ, and it’s our living, breathing vision to see that goal accomplished. As missionaries work depends entirely on faith-based support, and we are excited that you’re praying about being part of our vision and to partner with us in the Great Commission.


How can you help?

When you partner with our ministry monthly or with a special gift to the Project Fund, you are not just helping to reach this region with the Gospel, but you are helping to plant seeds in those we are equipping to preach God’s Word. Long after your seed has been planted, it will continue to produce fruit by Mexicans who have accepted the call of God in their own lives.

Not that I am seeking a gift, but I am looking for the fruit that may be credited to your account.” Philippians 4:17

Step forward with us, for The King’s Harvest Training Center beckons. Together, we can turn this obstacle into an opportunity, ensuring that every step we take is fueled by purpose and backed by the Lord’s grace.