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Buying the Jesus Truck.

Truck Goal Achieved

$42,000 raised of $42,000

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Rollin’ through the Mountains of San Luis Potosí comes with its own adventures. Typically, a weekly trip consists of traveling 45min on the highway and then 30 min by remote access roads. This remote roads have been unpredictable at times. Take last spring, during the rainy season for example. In places, the only road into the village was mostly washed out. Many, were the gasps could be heard as we maneuvered through the washed out areas. This single lane mountain road is also littered with potholes. It was during this trip, we started to hear the dreaded squeaking coming from the axel area. 

our beloved “Olive”  would need to be retired from mountain travel to travel on smoother roads



The next day in early April 2021, we took our olive green Expedition ministry vehicle to the mechanic. The report from the mechanic was not what we wanted to hear. Due too many trips on mountainous roads, our beloved “Olive”  would need to be retired from mountain travel, to traveling on smoother roads. We then spoke with Globe International, our sending agency, and they confirmed that we needed to purchase a ministry truck to better suit our ministry here in San Luis Potosí in the mountainous areas.


A 4x4 vehicle that will last the next 10+ years. Purchased here in Mx with the proper import fees and taxes paid. Buying used is out of the question with how the vehicles here are treated and the possibility of prior vehicle involvement in the smuggling of prohibited items. We are looking at purchasing a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma

Project Update: September 2021

We are very thankful to everyone who has partnered with us to get us over the hurdle during this summer for our ministry vehicle fund. Our purchase of a new ministry truck will enable us to continue to access remote mountainous areas with the Gospel. 

After many, many trips to the dealership in town and due to lack of inventory, we found it necessary to purchase the truck in Guadalajara. In October 2021, Tynan signed the final paperwork. God is faithful. We were able to locate exactly what we needed and now our new white “Blanca” ministry truck is serving us in many wonderful ways, here in the mountains of San Luis Potosí.